• Sunday, May 18 (11am-3pm) & Tuesday, May 20 (5pm-8pm) Mini Studio (photo) Sessions with Karin Newstrom – Full Details Here
  • Saturday, May 24 (10am-3pm) Primal Pet Foods raw nutrition sampling  ( for more information on the brand and their offerings)

Special Deals

Closeouts—50% off while supply lasts:

  • Nature’s Variety Instinct dry food (we’ll still carry the canned and frozen)
  • Merrick dry food (we’ll still carry the canned)
  • Detailed Answers frozen raw food (Does NOT include goat’s milk—we’re still carrying this)

We will happily order these products for you, but won’t carry them regularly.

New Products


Wild Calling dry food:

  • 4.5 lb, 13 lb, and 25lb bags
  • Three single-protein formulas, three multi-protein formulas.
  • Balanced carbs for even energy delivery
  • Three flavors: Elk, Whitefish Meal & Turkey Meal Recipe, Duck, Salmon Meal & Lamb Meal Recipe, and Trout, Lamb Meal & Turkey Meal Recipe.

Coming Soon

These are all due in the next week:

  • Nature’s Kitchen frozen cooked food
  • Smaller Water Rover portable water bottle with built-in dish
  • Wide martingale collars (2 Hounds Design)
  • Trial sizes of Wapiti Labs supplements (sorry, no free samples)
  • Etta Says! Mega Chews—like the Crunchy duck, deer, beef, and rabbit Chews that we currently carry, but bigger!
  • K9 Granola Factory crunchy biscuits AND organic virgin coconut oil

Anyone Interested?

We had a customer special order a 6’ leather leash with a “traffic handle” (a second handle located near the clip, used to keep the dog close in crowded situations).  It turned out to be great looking and was just what he was looking for.

If you’d like a leash like that, let us know—we’ll order some more! Stop by the store and tell us, call us at 763.432.0861 or send us an email!