Introducing Nature’s Kitchen


Total Dog is now carrying a product that is unique among all that we carry: a frozen, gently cooked dog food. This option might be the answer to your (dog’s) prayers if:

  • Your dog is picky, finicky, might eat a food initially, but loses interest quickly. You’ve tried topping the food with treats, cooking for the dog, and are still looking for something that will satisfy Fido.
  • Your dog has itchy feet, skin problems, gloppy ears, or digestive upset. The high-priced veterinary diet doesn’t appear to be solving the problem.
  • You buy canned dog food, and just noticed how much the feeding guidelines are saying you need to feed your dog AND how expensive canned food is getting.

To any of these issues, we say, “Try Nature’s Kitchen.” It comes in resealable 16-oz. tubs – enough to feed a 50-lb. dog for a day. We carry the grain-free recipes (chicken, beef, and turkey—also available with rice). They are made with only human-grade ingredients, Grade A poultry and Choice beef.

All ingredients are USA sourced except Norwegian kelp. It’s easy to thaw and store and can be kept up to 5 days in the fridge after thawing.


Closeouts continue on Nature’s Variety Instinct dry food and Merrick grain free dry food

50% off both.

We’ll be happy to order either of these for you if you’re a committed Instinct or Merrick user, or suggest a number of alternatives. (We still carry Merrick canned, and Instinct canned and frozen.)

It’s travel season, how about a portable crate? Nature’s Miracle crates are easy to set up and fold down to fit in the car. And they’re

20% off through June.


  • June 21st – Noon to 2:00 pm: Katie K9 (from myTalk 107.1), representing Raw Bistro
  • June 26 – 5:00-8:00 pm: Primal raw foods sampling