The Trouble With Blue Buffalo

Last year, Purina sued Blue Buffalo claiming they misrepresent their products as containing no by-products when, in fact, they did—false advertising.  Blue Buffalo denied this and counter-sued for defamation.

Later, it was discovered that a supplier to Blue Buffalo did indeed deliver meal that was mislabeled:  chicken by-product meal was labeled chicken meal.  Blue Buffalo has admitted this, sued that supplier, and changed suppliers.

I have spoken with a representative of Blue Buffalo to get further information about this, and at this point they either cannot or will not state with certainty which, if any, of the foods on our shelves contain by-product meal.  They know that everything made after May of 2014 does not contain by-product meal, so there are few products left in circulation that are affected.  They have agreed to exchange any product that could possibly have the by-product meal in it based on the expiration date of September 2015.

The information coming from Blue Buffalo is scant at this point.  They are in the middle of multiple lawsuits and are tight-lipped about anything related to the quality and purity of their product.

If you would like to discuss alternatives to Blue Buffalo, we’d be happy to make suggestions.

(If you would like to exchange any product you currently have, it must have a Best By date of September 2015 or earlier, you must have purchased it here, and we must receive what is left IN THE ORIGINAL BAG no later than June 15.)

View the Letter We Sent to Blue Buffalo



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