February Newsletter

Pet Dental Health Month and a Whole Lot More

Nature’s Logic is a fairly new brand—less than 10 years old.  I wish more people knew about it and appreciated its uniqueness in the dry dog food realm.  Nature’s Logic is the only kibble made entirely without synthetic vitamin additives.  To do that requires extensive nutritional research and some “interesting” ingredients—e.g., plasma, almonds, alfalfa, cheese.  But it means getting nutrition from whole food sources, and avoids vitamin-mineral packs of unknown origin:  both good things.  It does contain grain, but that grain is millet, which is gluten-free, has a low glycemic index, and is easily digested (for those sensitive stomachs).  In addition, millet has been shown to have some prebiotic action (feeding the good bacteria in the gut) and antioxidant properties.

To encourage you to try Nature’s Logic dry dog food, we’re offering $2 off a 4.4-lb. bag and $4 off a 15.4-lb. bag during the month of February.

Pet Dental Health Month – 10% off everything dental

Boy! am I celebrating dental health month.  Schnauzers have notoriously bad teeth and mine are no exception.  Bad teeth can translate to bad health in other parts of the body as inflammation from tooth decay travels around the body.  Brush, brush, brush!

Through the end of February, all toothpaste and gel, all toothbrushes, Breath-less Plaque Zapper drinking water treatment, and Whimzees and Z-Bones dental chews are 10% off.

Other specials:

  • Nature’s Variety kibble – $3 off per bag (coupons in-store on the bags)
  • Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet – $3 off (coupons in-store)
  • Pillow beds (in the big boxes in the front of the store)  40% off
  • Great Life kibble – $5 off 7 lb. bag, $10 off 25 lb bag (claim coupon at register)

New products:

  • Lights for nighttime visibility:  ones that hang from the collar and ones that attach around the collar or leash
  • Green Tripe brand rough cut raw tripe in 1- and 2-lb. chubs
  • Venison ear chews
  • Water buffalo horn chews (coming soon)
  • Three new kibble brands:
    • American Natural Premium
    • Great Life
    • Canine Caviar
  • Sam’s Yams Cookies – four flavors, VERY low fat, sweet potato and fruit/vegetable
  • Bladder Control supplement by Nutri-Vet – helps control urinary incontinence
  • Grooming Tools:
    • Stripping knives – fine, medium, and coarse
    • Magnet-style strippers
    • Mars Coat-King – 8, 12, 20