It’s Pet Dental Health Month! Stop by the store and stock up on dental products – all 10% off this month! 

View our Infographic on the Importance of Dog Dental Health

All Dog Rescue Meet and Greet

All Dog Rescue ( holds meet-and-greets at Total Dog Company the first Saturday of every month. Join us Saturday, February 6.  Come meet adoptable dogs from noon-2 pm. There will be puppies! 10% discount on purchases made by new adopters the day of the event.


20% off while supplies last!

Introducing N&D Dog Food.  N&D is a dog food line made in Italy.  What sets it apart is that, instead of using meat meals, it is made with dehydrated meats.  Compared to the rendering process used in making meat meals, dehydration preserves more of the meats’ nutrients.  In addition, N&D is far lower in carbohydrates than most other dry dog foods.

Total Dog Company 2017 Wall Calendar

For those interested in submitting a photo for a Total Dog Company calendar, we’re putting out the call now for the 2017 edition.

The theme will be Naughty Dogs.

Show us your dog at his/her most mischievous! Whether it’s holes in the yards, mass destruction, great escapes, or more, we’d love to see!

Submit your high resolution photo of your dog being naughty (or the aftermath).  Keep that in mind as you go through the year.

Submit Your Photo