April Newsletter—Happy Spring(?)

Total Dog Company has you covered for gear and supplies you need now that we’re daring to stick our paws out the door again:

  • Collars
  • Leashes (including waist-attach leashes—your waist, not the dog’s)
  • No-pull harnesses and Gentle Leaders for control when you’re walking
  • Poop baggies
  • Yard clean-up tools
  • Tie-out stakes and lines
  • Shampoos and towels for washing the dirty dog
  • Dirty Dog Doormats for catching what the dirty dog’s feet are about to track into the house

We’ll let you know in our mid-April email about flea and tick options.  Please give us input on what’s important to you in that regard.


Raw Bistro Pet Fare frozen raw food 4-lb. packages are being discontinued to make room for new 3-lb and 6-lb packages.  The remaining 4-pounders are $3 off.

As an introductory bonus to the new larger size patties of Raw Bistro, get a 4-piece package of Raw Bistro Split Knuckle Bones free with purchase of a 6-lb. entrée.


Still time to trade in your “grocery store” brand dog food for a discount on American Natural Premium brand.  $3 off a small bag, $10 off a medium or large bag, by presenting what’s left of a bag of food that doesn’t pass our entrance exam (even if it’s an empty bag).


Get a bonus punch on your Frequent Barker Card by leaving a review of Total Dog Company on our Google+ page.


New Products:

  • Raw Bistro Pet Fare in 6-lb. bags of large (½ -lb.) patties.  An additional Raw Bistro formula:  Bison.  Available in 3-lb mini-patties and 6-lb. big patties.
  • Potty Time Chimes:  teach your dog to “ring the doorbell” to go out.  Comes with DVD.
  • American Natural Premium Coconut Colada treats.  Crunchy and smell so good, YOU’LL want to eat them!
  • Solvit brand travel bag.  Comes with two collapsible dishes, a water bottle, and a food tote. Various zippered and mesh compartments.


  • Saturday April 5, 10-3, Primal Pet Food sampling