Total Dog exists for people who are serious about their dogs, who make sure that their dogs get the best of everything. People who want the best nutrition and the best gear for their dogs. That includes everyone from loving pet parents to participants and competitors in all types of dog events.

The mission of Total Dog is to provide high quality, practical food and gear for dogs and only dogs. Nothing frou-frou or frivolous, nothing with suspect ingredients. No cat food or wild bird food. Totally dog, from head to wagging tail.


Total Dog is the destination dog food and gear store on the west side of the Twin Cities. It has a growing group of loyal customers and increasing numbers of referrals from dog professionals because it is a store that carries quality products, gives sound advice, and is easy to do business with.


  • Concern about dog health and happiness
  • “The best tool for the job”
  • Knowledge and up-to-date information
  • Fairness
  • Respect and friendliness