These are some of our favorite dog-related websites. They all have Facebook pages also!

Whole Dog Journal
THE best dog publication, in my humble opinion. Articles on food/nutrition, health, training, gear, and activities to do with your dog.

Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker
Karen Becker, DVM is a holistic veterinarian in Illinois who has great informational videos on a wide variety of animal health-related topics.

The Yellow Dog Project
A movement to publicize that some dogs need their space, and that wearing a yellow ribbon is a signal of that.

By Mary Straus, a frequent contributor to Whole Dog Journal. Massive quantities of information on dog health and feeding.

Dog Food Advisor
By Mike Sagman. Reviews of just about every dog food made. Our go-to source of information on the ingredients in commercially prepared dog foods. You can also sign up for alerts regarding recalls.
Truth About Pet Food
By Susan Thixton, a crusader for safe, nutritious pet food. She also has a newsletter and information on recalls.