Learn About Raw Foods – January Newsletter

Happy New Year! May 2015 be happy and healthy for you and your dogs! Check out new brands, our January specials, and learn about raw food! New Brands & Specials If you've been looking for any of these, we can get them for you: Breeder's Choice Avoderm Pinnacle New Brand: By Nature Active Defense Formulated with prebiotics, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, and probiotics. Two formulas—Turkey/Chicken and Ocean Fish. Two sizes—3.8 lb. and 22 lb. Prices are 30% off the regular price.  Give it a try!   20% off all Canine Caviar dry foods. Plus, all holiday toys have been marked down! We still have plenty of coats and boots to keep your best friend warm and dry during this awful January chill! Still in need of a calendar? Our 2015 Total Dog Calendar is still available now for $11.95! Raw Food for Dogs Have you heard of people feeding their dogs raw food? What does that mean? It means a dog food that consists of “real food”—meat, fish, eggs, and/or fruit and vegetables that aren’t processed or cooked in any way. Some of the “real foods” aren’t things we would eat ourselves, like tripe (ruminant stomach), heart, or chicken or turkey necks, but dogs do well on them and like them. Some people make their dogs’ food at home out of a collection of ingredients that they get from any number of sources. There are a number of books on the market that have recipes for homemade dog foods—one good one is Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats. Other people choose to buy pre-mixed raw food. Why Use a Raw Food Diet for Dogs? Benefits include: More available nutrients—vitamins, enzymes—because nothing is [...]

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October Newsletter

Happy Fall! Only in Minnesota can we go from 80 degrees one weekend to 30 degrees the next. We’ve put away the flea & tick treatments and cooling mats, and put out the sweaters, coats, and boots! New This Year:  Pajamas—little doggy onesies for the pooches who are chilly even inside the house, or as a first layer when outside.  And self-warming crate mats and microwavable bed warmers will be coming for the cold weather ahead. Specials We're updating our stock of beds. Selected beds are on sale - 40% off! LiveFree foods from Dogswell.  A low-glycemic grain-free in 3 adult flavors plus Puppy and Senior formulas.  Try a small bag at half price, or a can at BOGO.   Meal Mixers by Stella & Chewy’s.  Freeze-dried nuggets in four flavors: Beef, chicken, Salmon & Cod, and Turkey, to add nutrient-rich meat to your dog’s dry food.  Price marked is 20% off the regular price. Cat owners: We will order cat food and litter for you so you can save a trip to the cat-food store! Just let us know what you need, and if our distributors carry it we'll get it in for you.

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