Total Dog Company – The Best Dog Supply Store in the Twin Cities

Total Dog Company is a dog food and supply store in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We exist for people who love dogs. People who make sure their dogs get the best of everything from food to gear.

Our doors are open:

Monday-Friday: 10:00 – 8:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 6:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 5:00

Pets (on leash) are welcome!
Potty area available, please pick up after your pet.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Why Choose Us

  • We know dogs. We can help you find the right products & give the best advice.
  • You’ll find nothing frou-frou or frivolous on our shelves.
  • No cat or bird supplies, just dog.
  • We provide only high quality & practical food and gear for dogs

Who We Are

Our Mission

Total Dog exists for people who are serious about their dogs, who make sure that their dogs get the best of everything. People who want the best nutrition and the best gear for their dogs. That includes everyone from loving pet parents to participants and competitors in all types of dog events.

The mission of Total Dog is to provide high quality, practical food and gear for dogs and only dogs. Nothing frou-frou or frivolous, nothing with suspect ingredients. No cat food or wild bird food. Totally dog, from head to wagging tail.

Our Food Philosophy

We at Total Dog believe in giving our dogs nutritious, safe food. We offer a variety of kibble, canned, and frozen and dehydrated raw foods. We are familiar with expert advice on dog nutrition from Mary Straus (, Mike Sagman (, and Susan Thixton ( We study ingredient lists of every food we sell, and we don’t sell products that contain any generic proteins, vegetable proteins, by-products or digest, fillers, artificial preservatives, and sweeteners.

Our History

sueSusan Weyrauch, founder of Total Dog Company, has been a “parent” of Miniature Schnauzers since 1986. She feeds them, walks them, plays with them, trims their toenails, grooms them, rubs their backs, wipes their feet, holds them when they’re scared, brushes their teeth, goes to seminars about their behavior, takes them to training classes, cleans up after them, competes with them in dog sports. In other words, she is a hands-on dog lover, involved in all aspects of their care and enjoyment. Susan has been training her dogs since 2001, competing in American Kennel Club agility, obedience, and rally obedience trials since 2003. She has studied canine behavior, health/wellness, and nutrition all through the years she has been a dog parent, including seminars on natural pet care with local holistic veterinarians and Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training, and a home library of books by leading authorities on dog behavior, care and feeding.

When her pack grew to three dogs, she learned miniature schnauzer grooming from the experts at Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club and now does the haircuts for her crew. A proponent of rotation feeding, she feeds her dogs a variety of types and “flavors” of food. She believes in balancing conventional veterinary care with holistic therapies and alternative healing modalities.

She has worked in pet retail since 2009 and has a knack for listening to customers to determine their needs and making sure the issues they present are fully addressed and her customers are satisfied. She can identify high quality dog food and gear and is committed to offering only the best to her customers.


Holy Smoke A 3-Ring Circus, RE, MX, MXJ: Barnum, born in January 2006, has lived up to his name. Back when dear departed Russell and Trey were around, he was the ringmaster of Susan’s three-ring circus. A bit of a clown, he is sure that everyone will love him if they just get to know him. He also tries to manage the interactions in the pack to keep everyone happy. Barnum is now retired from his agility competition career, sadly, because he loves the social aspect of trials as well as the agility itself. He may ease the sadness with his favorite pastime, chewing on bones. You may hear the “Barnum doorbell” when you come to the store – it means he’s excited to see you!

Holy Smoke Happy Am Eye: Asher, born in October 2016, is currently in agility training at Cloud Nine Dog Training School. In his off-hours, he enjoys hunting, bringing sticks into the house from the backyard, shaking up his toys, and terrorizing his older brother. Barnum can’t wait for him to grow up!