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RECALL NOTICE – Evanger’s and Against the Grain Canned Food

Evanger’s has recalled ALL lots of the following three varieties of canned food.  If you have any of these three, please return it to the place of purchase for a full refund: Evanger’s Hunk of Beef Evanger’s Braised Beef Chunks Against the Grain Pulled Beef For more information please visit:

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Discontinuing Wellness Products Due to Chinese Ingredients

We just discovered that WellPet (makers of Wellness brand foods and treats) have started sourcing some preservative ingredients (green tea extract and mixed tocopherols) in China. Because of this, we have decided to discontinue those products. The Pure Rewards and Wellbites that are on the shelf are the old recipe. They won't be replaced. We are sorry to have to do this, and we've told WellPet that. Wellness canned food will remain. The dry food and treats are out until they modify their recipes to stop using ingredients from China. If you currently feed your dog any WellPet products, please stop by the store and we can help you pick out alternatives.

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2016 Nature-Based Therapeutic Conference Speak! A Kinship of All Creatures: Broadening our Knowledge of Human-Animal Interactions

Total Dog Company has signed on to be an endorsing organization for the MN Landscape Arboretum's 2016 Nature-Based Therapeutic Conference Speak! A Kinship of All Creatures: Broadening our Knowledge of Human-Animal Interactions. About the Conference Research suggests our connection to animals is important to human health and well-being. Speak! is a conference about our human partnership with animals, the natural world and the ways of interacting with animals increases individual health and community well-being. This conference will provide participants with new understanding of how human connections with animals advance work in schools, non-profits, social services, healthcare, community groups, faith-based organizations, and families. The purpose of Speak! is to: Broaden our knowledge of animal intelligence Deepen our understanding of animal feelings Transform the way we view non-human animals Apply practice skills and methods with animal emotions in mind Inspire and delight the audience with new sounds and information Event Details Wednesday, October 26, 2016 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. MacMillan Auditorium, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Please note: While we love our four legged friends, we ask that participants not bring their animals. (With the exception of personal service animals and those appointed teams working with the conference will be allowed on site.) For more information on attending the event, please visit the MN Landscape Arboretum Event Page.

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Protecting Your Pup: Summertime Pool and Lake Precautions

In the land of 10,000 lakes, there is a risk that comes with the traditional Minnesotan R & R on the water. With some of the hottest recorded years in the books already and a warm start to 2016, toxic blooms of blue-green algae present a danger for your dog. We’re here to prepare you and your pet by talking about the potential water dangers your dog may encounter this summer. What is Blue-Green Algae? Blue-green algae, or Cyanobacteria, is a type of algae that grows in bodies of freshwater all around the world, including Minnesota. Algae are microscopic organisms that can produce toxins if grown with the right ingredients of heat and fertilizer—toxins that are especially dangerous for pets. Found in nutrient-rich areas in the steamy summer months, a blue-green algae “bloom” can look like blue and green paint on the surface of the water, and/or a light green layer on the surface and shorelines. (see this website for some photos of what is and isn’t blue-green algae: ) Blue-green algae blooms are common in Minnesota and pose a very real danger to both people and animals that swim in, or consume water contaminated with it. Although not every bloom of blue-green algae is toxic, the best choice is to steer clear of areas that host this potential poison. Hot weather and lakes/ponds with fertilizer run off are breeding grounds for this type of bacteria. Signs and Symptoms of Blue-Green Algae Exposure: There are two types of toxins that can be produced by blue-green algae and they cause different effects: liver failure and neurological damage. Physical symptoms of one or both include: Vomiting Diarrhea Bloody or black stool Pale mucus membranes Blue mucus [...]

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Summer Pet Safety & Preventing Heat Related Injuries

Another summer quickly approaches, along with the concerns that come with the temperature and safety of your pets. Whether it be leaving or finding a pet unattended in a vehicle, or walking your dog on hot pavement, we are hoping to inform and change the circumstances that leave so many pets injured or dead during the warmer months. Hundreds of pets die each summer from heat stroke and other heat related symptoms. The main cause? Being left in a vehicle on a warm day. We say warm, because it doesn’t need to reach much more than 70° outside for your pet to suffer and possibly die in a vehicle. When the outdoor temperature is about 75°, the temperature inside your vehicle can rise to 118° within an hour, even with the windows down. Sometimes a harmless stop for milk and bread can unintentionally mean danger for your furry family member. What can you do to prevent overheating? Conditions in a vehicle during the summer can result in heat stroke, brain damage, and ultimately death. Symptoms of an animal in heat-related distress include: Dark tongue and excessive or heavy panting Thick saliva Restlessness Wobbliness and uncoordinated movement Rapid heartbeat Vomiting and diarrhea Watching for these reactions is important so that you can address them immediately. Checking to see if your destination allows pets inside is also a good idea to help you determine if you can bring your pet along with you. Total Dog Company welcomes our customers and their leashed and pottied dogs. is a great resource in the Twin Cities to find dog-friendly restaurants, stores, and more. What should you do if you see an unattended pet? Not only do you need to [...]

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March Newsletter – Winter Clearance and iFetch

Let's get Winter gone! 30% off all winter gear - coats, sweaters, PJs, boots, and warmers. While Supplies Last! All Sales Final All Dog Rescue Meet and Greet All Dog Rescue ( will be holding meet-and-greets at Total Dog Company the first Saturday of every month.  Come meet adoptable dogs on Saturday, March 5th, noon-2 pm.  10% discount on purchases made by new adopters the day of the event. NEW PRODUCTS iFetch Now In Stock! The ultimate toy to keep your dog occupied: the iFetch. Teach your dog to drop the ball into the machine, and it launches the ball for your dog to chase. It can use iFetch branded balls, or miniature tennis balls (1.5" in diameter). Check out a video of it in action: There is a model that uses regular tennis ball size for bigger dogs, which we can get if you want—let us know. Four grain-free flavors and one that is small pieces (ancestral grain flavors also available - only the fish formula in stock). N&D is made with dehydrated meats instead of meat meals. It is lower in carbs than most dry foods - great to consider if your dog has a yeast condition.   Learn More Gorilla Chews are a safe, strong, and satisfying dog chew made of 100% solid wood. Great for dogs that love to chew! When purchasing, buy a size slightly larger than your dog's mouth and supervise pet during chew time. Total Dog Company 2017 Wall Calendar We want to [...]

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February Newsletter – Pet Dental Health Month, 2017 Calendar Theme, and More!‏

It's Pet Dental Health Month! Stop by the store and stock up on dental products - all 10% off this month!  View our Infographic on the Importance of Dog Dental Health All Dog Rescue Meet and Greet All Dog Rescue ( holds meet-and-greets at Total Dog Company the first Saturday of every month. Join us Saturday, February 6.  Come meet adoptable dogs from noon-2 pm. There will be puppies! 10% discount on purchases made by new adopters the day of the event. NEW PRODUCTS 20% off while supplies last! Introducing N&D Dog Food.  N&D is a dog food line made in Italy.  What sets it apart is that, instead of using meat meals, it is made with dehydrated meats.  Compared to the rendering process used in making meat meals, dehydration preserves more of the meats’ nutrients.  In addition, N&D is far lower in carbohydrates than most other dry dog foods. Looking for an inexpensive canned food?  Try Dave’s.  We have several varieties including grain-free options. Coming Soon:  The ultimate in keeping-the-dog-occupied:  iFetch.  Teach your dog to drop the ball into the machine, and it launches the ball for the dog to chase.  Here’s a good YouTube video of one in action: There is a model that uses regular tennis ball size, which we can get if you want—let us know. Total Dog Company 2017 Wall Calendar For those interested in submitting a photo for a Total Dog Company calendar, we’re putting out the call now for the 2017 edition. The theme will be Naughty [...]

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January Newsletter – Happy New Year!

EVENTS Saturday, January 23, 2-4 pm  Penny Freberg, owner and breeder of champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and North American distributor of Laser Lites grooming products will speak on solutions to grooming issues.  Whether you are a pet owner or a competitor, Penny will address your grooming questions. All Dog Rescue Meet and Greet All Dog Rescue ( holds meet-and-greets at Total Dog Company the first Saturday of every month (sorry, this monthly reminder is too late for the January 2 meet-and-greet, so join us Saturday, February 6).  Come meet adoptable dogs from noon-2 pm.  10% discount on purchases made by new adopters the day of the event. NEW PRODUCTS Another grain-free biscuit offering, available in Bison and Chicken.. Built on a mousetrap, this “snaps” the big red paddle when set off by the dog being where you don’t want it.  It startles but doesn’t hurt. Instead of pigs ears (the location of hormone suppository injection—the most unhealthy part of the pig), try smoked pork strips. The latest “superfood” and you don’t have to go through the hours of cooking to make it yourself. Grain-free soft & crunchy treats that are made with natural ingredients. Available in Duck & Cranberry, Peanut Butter & Apple, and Lamb & Blueberry. Looks like a basted rawhide, but it’s made out of chicken and rice flour—more digestible. Available in two sizes: 4” and 7” A grain-free food featuring duck and quail Available in 5, 15, 30 lb. bags. Gray Muzzle's "Senior Friendly" dental chew is a light, airy structure that is easy for a senior dog [...]

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November Newsletter – New Products, Bison Food Sourcing, and a Note About Raw Food

All Dog Rescue Meet and Greet All Dog Rescue ( will be holding meet-and-greets at Total Dog Company the first Saturday of every month.  Come meet adoptable dogs on Saturday, November 7, noon-2 pm.  10% discount on purchases made by new adopters the day of the event. NEW PRODUCTS Super soft training treats in Chicken or Peanut Butter flavors. Super soft training treats in Chicken or Peanut Butter flavors. Solid Gold Holistic food in Buffalo, Sweet Potato & Chickpeas grain-free and gluten-free recipe AvoDerm dog food uses quality ingredients with avocado for healthy skin & coat. SPECIALS AvoDerm November Special:  Bring in an empty 4-lb bag and get $10 off a 22-lb bag of any of the AvoDerm Rotating Menu formulas (Duck, Turkey, Trout, or Lamb) Total Dog Company 2016 Wall Calendar It's that time of year again! The Total Dog Company Wall Calendar is in the works. We've received lots of photos, but could use even more! Please visit: to upload and send your high-quality pictures and submit your ideas on our next calendar theme! A neutral party will select the pictures for each month, and one for the cover. Each of those 13 families will receive one free copy of the calendar. Even if your dog is not on a monthly page, he or she will be included in a collage at the back of the calendar, so everybody is a star!  The printed calendars are expected to be in the store around Thanksgiving [...]

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October Newsletter – Avocados in Dog Food?

AvoDerm Dog Food and the Truth About Avocados AvoDerm is so-named because it contains avocado - which is great for healthy skin and coat.  But some people have heard that avocados are poisonous. That is only partly true: Avocados are packed with nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, and B6, and are a rich source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. While avocado meal and oil are good for people and dogs, the avocado pit and leaves contain persin, which is dangerous for both people and dogs. AvoDerm pet food contains only avocado meal and avocado oil.  AvoDerm products have been sold and enjoyed for over 25 years without an issue with the avocado meals or oils. Central Life Science in Dallas TX tested AvoDerm’s supplier of avocado meal and avocado oil for presence of persin. The evaluation came back null with NO PERSIN DETECTED in either the food, meal, or oil.  Because Breeder’s Choice knows that your pet is a part of your family, they do continuous random spot checks on their suppliers to verify that no persin is ever included in their supply chain. AvoDerm wants you to try it for 6 weeks and thinks you’ll see improvement if your dog has a dull or weak coat or dry, flaky skin.  They are offering $6 off any size bag during the month of October. OTHER SPECIALS Marked down 20% while supplies last: $3.55/ea These have, at most, 4 ingredients. We’ve got 6 varieties and they’re $1 off per bag while supplies last: $8.55 each In-Store Events [...]

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